Mahabhulekh 7/12 and 8A Land Records and Bhulekh Maharastra

Mahabhulekh is the exclusive platform for the residents in Maharashtra state where anyone can check the land records which is also known by 7/12, 712, 7-12, 7-12 Utara, satbara or Bhumi Abhilekh. Mahabhulekh is the free platform for everyone to check the land records or 712 online on the official government website

1 – What is Mahabhulekh ?

Mahabhulekh is a land record portal for Maharashtra where all legal residents can check 7/12 and 8A land record details. This portal open from citizens from 2008 by Maharastra government.

Suppose you want to buy the property or land in Maharashtra, then it becomes very important to check the details of the land whether it is agricultural or governmental. This is essential so that no one will fall into property fraud.

For this purpose, the government of Maharashtra has started the online portal called Mahabhulekh ( where all types people can check land records online which is also called satbara Utara or land records online.

2 – Brief Information of Mahabhulekh

Portal NameMahabhulekh
Launched byRevenue Department
Owned byGovernment of Maharashtra
BenefitsCheck 7/12 Details online
BeneficiaryResident in Maharashtra
Access byOfficial website

3 – Features of Mahabhulekh

  • Mahabhulekh is the online portal which is open for all the residents in Maharastra.
  • One can check the 712 details of a particular property without any prior request.
  • The beneficiary does not need to go to the tehsildar office or any other government office to check the satbara details.

4 – What is 7/12 (Satbara Utara)

In our country, land records are known by different names in different states. for example, in Tamilnadu, it is known as Patta-Chitta whereas, in Andhra Pradesh, it is called MeeBhoomi.

Same like that, the land records in Maharashtra is known as the 712 (7/12). Satbara is nothing but the documents of your land or your property.

Basically, satbara 712 gives you the information of land regarding the landlord, type of land, area of land, current price of that land and many more.

5 – How to Check the Satbara on Mahabhulekh (7/12 उतारा कसा पहावा?)

To check the satbara details, you need to use the official website of mahabhulekh. Follow the steps given below in order to check the satbara details of your land.


  • Then you will see the option to select the section. Choose your section from the drop-down menu and click on the go button.
  • Then you will be redirected to the new page.
  • Now select the district, taluka and your city or village.

  • Then select any one option from a given choice to check the satbara details.
    •  Survey number
    • Group number
    • First name
    • Middle name
    • Surname
    • Full Name

  • Then enter the mobile number to receive the OTP.
  • Fill the OTP along with captcha code.
  • Click on the go button and here are your 7/12 details displayed on your screen.

6 – Conclusion

So, we have explained all the procedure to check the 7/12 satbara details of your land online using mahabhulekh platform.

If you have any doubts, then you can ask in the comment section and we will try to get into it as soon as possible.

7 – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is Mahabhulekh?

Ans: – Simply, mahabhulekh is the online platform for the residents of Maharashtra state where one can check the 7/12 satbara details of a particular land online.


Q. Is Mahabhulekh free?

Ans: – Yes, mahabhulekh is freely available for everyone, and you can check the land records, 7/12 details without spending any money.


Q. How to transfer the 712 details to the new person?

Ans: – You cannot transfer the 7/12 details using mahabhulekh portal. To transfer the ownership of your land, you need the authorized certificates and submit those certificates in the talathi office.